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Dear GEM Alumni:

Thank you for your interest in serving as a speaker at a GEM Event.

GEM Alumni are a vital part of The National GEM Consortium. We thank you for your hard work and we would like to continue to keep you involved in the GEM community both as participants and role models.

One way to stay involved is to list your name and credentials as a part of the GEM Alumni Speakers Bureau. Our Speakers Bureau is GEM’s proactive solution to addressing the lack of under-represented STEM professionals with advance degrees who are visible to current and future under-represented graduate students.   Believe it or not, YOUR PRESENCE WILL MAKE A SIGNIFICANT DIFFERENCE TO PERSPECTIVE STEM GRADUATE STUDENTS!

GEM needs your assistance, but more importantly, your testimony, to help foster the next generation of GEM.  GEM Alumni are currently needed to present workshops at GEM  GRAD LabSM (Getting Ready For Advanced Degrees Laboratory), Future Faculty and Professionals Symposiums (FFP), and National/Regional Graduate Fairs throughout the country.

When you sign-up to be a part of the GEM Alumni Speakers Bureau, you will be asked to join the GEM Alumni Association for a nominal fee, and provide information such as your current e-mail,  title, current employer, degrees conferred, graduate major, all contact information, specific GEM recruiting events of interests, and/or regional preferences for participation.

GEM is looking for GEM alumni with solid public speaking skills that are willing to SHARE YOUR STORY and expertise as part of the GEM Alumni Speakers Bureau!

Please select the REGISTER  FOR THIS  EVENT link below to sign up as a potential speaker in the bureau.  GEM staff will be in contact with you, if an opportunity arises that is a profile fit for the target event, and aligns well with your background.

For more information on joining the alumni association, please visit

Thank you,
GEM Alumni Association (GAA)
The National GEM Consortium


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