GEM GRAD Lab Sponsored by Auburn University

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 GEM GRAD Lab hosted by Auburn University

Please join us for the GEM GRAD Lab hosted by Auburn University on Saturday, April 14, 2018, from 8:30 AM - 2:30 PM at Auburn University.  Attendees are expected to arrive on time and stay until the program end. Email Address

The GRAD Lab is a fun and engaging symposium where participants, science and engineering undergraduates, will receive full information on the importance of graduate school and what is needed to successfully gain admittance with financial support.  Speakers range from current graduate students to University faculty and professionals in STEM Fields.

The GRAD Lab encourages young people to consider graduate engineering or science education, and to apply for the GEM fellowship.  Focusing on the global importance of research and innovation, life-long career benefits, and real world role models, the symposium will help each student envision his or her future as a technology leader, successfully apply for a GEM fellowship, and gain entry to a
 graduate STEM program.

Interactive Campus Map:

The GRAD Lab will be held in the Student Center Ballrooms.  Parking will be available on the fourth floor of the Stadium Parking Deck.

GRAD Lab Details:
Auburn University Student Center 
Ballrooms A & B

255 Heisman Drive
Auburn, AL  36849

Parking Details: Stadium Parking Deck - 425 Heisman Drive, Auburn, AL 36849

You can find directions to the Auburn University Student Center building where the GEM GRAD Lab will be held here:


8:30 AM          Registration, Pre-surveys and Continental Breakfast 

9:30 AM          Welcome and Introductions
                        Dr. George Crandell, Associate Dean of the Graduate School and Professor
                        of English
, Auburn University                            

9:45 AM          SESSION 1:  Why Graduate School? 
                        Dr. S. Keith Hargrove
, Dean and Professor of Mechanical & Manufacturing
 Tennessee State University (GEM Alum)

10:45 AM        SESSION 2: How to Apply to Graduate School 
                        Dr. Marquita Qualls,
Founder and Senior Managing Partner of Entropia
 (GEM Alum)

11:45 PM        Lunch Break & Graduate Resource Fair            

1:00 PM         SESSION 3:  How to Fund Graduate School
                        Dr. Marcus Huggans, Senior External Director, The National GEM
                       Consortium (GEM Alum)  
1:45 PM        SESSION 4:  Voices from the Field 
                      Moderator: Dr. Cordelia Brown, Senior Lecturer and Director of Academic
Program, Auburn University (two time - GEM Alum) 
                      Kevin D. Nixon, PhD - Student, Chemical Engineering, Auburn University
                     (GEM Fellow)

R. Roberts, PhD – Student, Chemical Engineering, Auburn University
                      Bianca Williams, PhD - Student, Chemical Engineering, Auburn University
2:30 PM        Closing Remarks / Post Surveys:
                      Dr. Louis Dale,Professor of Mathematics, The University of

                      Alabama -Birmingham and Post Surveys

3:00 PM       Technical Writing Workshop
                      Miller Writing Center, Auburn University

4:30 PM        Program Ends 



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