Call for Workshops 2019 - GEM Annual Meeting - Chicago

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Call for Workshops

2019 GEM Annual Board Meeting and Conference

Chicago, Illinois

September 19-21, 2019

Calling all GEM University Representatives, GEM Employer Representatives and GEM Alumni!  GEM is soliciting your interest in conducting a workshop at the 2019 GEM Annual Board Meeting and Conference being held in Chicago, IL, September 19-21, 2019.

Please provide your expertise for a workshop that fits in one of our demographic focused tracks. Sample workshop titles are provided within each track to merely give an example of the type of content we are soliciting. Please feel free to submit any workshop that best fits your subject matter expertise and is relevant to the GEM mission that will help develop the multiple demographics GEM serves.

Please click the “Register for this event” link below to submit a proposed workshop session.  Incomplete and/or incorrect submissions will not be considered. 

You will be asked to provide the following information:

  • Your Name
  • Title
  • Affiliation – Employer or University Name
  • Contact information – postal address, email address, and phone number
  • Short Bio - 150 words or less
  • High Resolution Head Shot – as .jpg attachment, 300dpi or greater, plain background
  • Workshop Abstract - 250 words or less that provides an overview of your workshop content. If your workshop is selected we will use this exact content in the GEM program book.  

Submissions must be received by Friday, May 31, 2019.

After a complete review, selected presenters will be notified by July 15, 2019.  Selected presenters will receive waived registration for the GEM Annual Board Meeting and Conference.  Selected presenters who are GEM Alumni may submit a request for additional benefits (subject to budget and employer sponsorship considerations).

Workshop Tracks:

I.                    Advanced Research Workshops / TEDx Talks

We are seeking workshops to engage attendees on cutting edge research topics across multidisciplinary fields. Is there a research topic you would like to present to a community of graduate students, faculty and those responsible for recruiting talent into research fields? Submit your abstract today!

II.                  Undergraduate Workshops

Workshops to help current underrepresented, primarily junior and senior STEM students understand the benefits of pursuing either an MS or PhD in engineering, computer science or other applied sciences. Past selected titles are:

  • Why Graduate School?
  • How to Apply to Graduate School
  • How to Fund Graduate School
  • Voice from the Field: Real Life Graduate School Experiences

 III.                Terminal Master’s Workshops

These are professional development workshops for current master’s students majoring in a STEM field, whose current plan is to terminate their formal education at the master’s level and pursue industry careers. Example of relevant workshop titles might include:

  • Salary Negotiations
  • Maximize your Opportunity for Promotion – Up or Out
  • Benefits of Professional Degrees for STEM  Graduate Degree Holders: MBA, Law, MD
  • Traits of C-Suite Professionals

IV.                PhD Workshops

These are professional development workshops for STEM students currently pursuing a PhD.  Examples of past titles include:

  • Big D: How to Write a Dissertation and Live to Tell About It
  • Proposal Writing that Yields Results
  • Collaborative Research Opportunities with Industry
  • Dissertation Funding

V.   GEM Alumni Workshops / TEDx Talks

These are professional development workshops primarily for working professionals who all hold either a master’s or PhD in a STEM field:

  • Career /Company Change – Should I do it?
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Track to Tenure and Senior Faculty Appointments
  • Personal Investments Beyond 401K:  Stock Market, Real Estate, Start-Ups

VI.   Member Workshops: University and Employer Reps

Workshops to provide information on how member institutions can help GEM evolve its services to best meet their needs, as well as information to understand newly adopted programs, and/or to provide information for new members.

  • Understanding the GEM University and Associate Fellows Programs
  • Getting your Research Centers/Divisions involved with GEM
  • Expanding the GEM Demographic
  • GEM 101


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